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Boydak received her high school education at Istanbul Saint Joseph. She completed her undergraduate studies in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Koc University.  She studied marketing and strategy as part of her undergraduate coursework at EPFL's Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute in Switzerland. Subsequently, she successfully completed two separate master's programs: one in Business Administration and another in Strategic Communication Management, both at Galatasaray University.


Commencing her career as an Analyst at Management Centre Türkiye in 2013, she has held positions at various companies, including Multinet Up, pladis, and Enocta. Now, she serves as a Consultant at Global Business Management Consultants and is concurrently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration at Galatasaray University.


Her research interests encompass pivotal areas, including brand rejuvenation, generations and generational theory, and digital transformation. In addition to her personal blog, she also contributes as a guest writer to

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